aesthetic crowns, veneers & bridges


The followings are example of cases completed at Scident Family Dental Clinic by Dr. Chehroudi and associates.


Reshaping and adding direct adhesive white filling to close the gap between upper jaw anterior teeth. A fast one-appointment procedure.

Maxillary all porcelain crowns and mandibular porcelain bridge completed in 2006

Temporary crowns on the left

Upper jaw anterior crowns - completed in 2007

Final cementation of metal free porcelain crowns - note excellent soft tissue (gum) healing around the crowns

Final cementation of a three unit fixed bridge at upper jaw right side to replace a missing front tooth

Maxillary incisors and canines restored with all porcelain zirconium based crowns

Previous mismatched crown of a maxillary incisor was replaced with a zirconium-based porcelain crown. Note excellent, natural shade & contour match

Maxillary anterior gold supported fixed porcelain bridge replacing missing incisors

Maxillary anterior porcelain veneers and crowns completed in 2006. Excellent tissue healing and aesthetic achieved.

Direct aesthetic white fillings on the surface of the maxillary anteriors. Note the natural look of this fast , one-appointment procedure

Beautiful results following replacement of large discoloured anterior fillings with all porcelain veneers and crowns.

Aesthetic porcelain veneers on maxillary anteriors - Excellent predictable result is possible with porcelain veneers.

Satisfactory long term achievement of aesthetic and function with porcelain veneers and crowns 

Full maxillary reconstruction with combination of all porcelain and gold supported porcelain crowns and bridges

Minor aesthetic problems such as old stained fillings, worn off anteriors can be treated directly in one appointment with strong white tooth-coloured polymer filling materials.