Cost of dental treatment


Is Dental Treatment Expensive?

It is common that patients postpone check up appointments because of cancelation of dental insurance or limitation of insurance policies imposed by their employers.  These individuals indeed may later contribute to the pool of emergency patients who will need comprehensive dental treatment.  Dentists of British Columbia strictly encourage preventive dentistry rather than more invasive reconstructive procedures.  Preventive dental procedures are very affordable; in contrast, comprehensive reconstructive dentistry can be traumatic and expensive.  Follow oral hygiene instructions given to you by your dentist or hygienist and maintain your regular dental check-ups twice per year, to prevent the need for comprehensive dental treatments.

Questions regarding the cost of dental treatment are among the most common inquiries that new patients may have when contacting front office staff. Unfortunately, it is difficult to quote an accurate cost estimate until a patient is examined, diagnosed, and treatment planned for specific dental procedures.  The cost of dental procedures is reviewed and revised yearly by the British Columbia Dental Association.  The dental fee guide reflects factors such as inflation rate, labour costs, property rental cost, and utility cost.  The cost of dental treatment in BC may differ from that of the Ontario, or our neighbour Alberta.  Although, dentists are not obliged to charge recommended fees, most dentists and dental insurance companies follow the recommended fee guide by the British Columbia Dental Association .

To promote preventive dentistry, the BC dental regulating body has kept the cost of bi-yearly check up , cleaning, and diagnostic radiographs, the lowest in the country.  There is no excuse to neglect your dental health and risk further headache and costly comprehensive treatments.  Do Not miss preventively-oriented check-up and cleaning appointments regardless of your insurance condition.  The short-term savings could have potential serious long-term health and financial consequences.

The following list is an estimated breakdown of dental treatment cost for common procedures in BC.  Our dental office follows the BC dental fee guide.  Please note that the following list is only an estimate and presents a range of cost for a particular procedure.

The estimated range of cost for common dental procedures performed in our office: (2009)

Initial Dental Examination     $40-$85

Dental Radiographs                 $15-$85

Dental Cleaning                      $40-$48/ 15 minutes

White Filling                           $110- $385

Crown                                     $980-$1500

Extraction                               $110-$380

Root Canal Treatment            $360-$1000

Complete Denture Set            $1800- $2500

Cast Partial Denture                $1200- $1500

Night Guard Appliance           $400

Flexible Sport Guard                $200

The cost of implant treatment is not included in the list because of the complexity of the treatment.  Because the choice of implant may differ in patients and individual sites. We advise you to make a consult/examination appointment for implant treatment evaluation. We require dental radiographs, dental molds and models of your teeth and jaw, as well as three-dimensional CT-Scan to be able to plan accurately and predictably for implant treatment.