Implant cases


The followings are example of dental implant cases completed at Scident Family Dental Clinic by Dr. Chehroudi and associates.


A single dental implant placed and restored at the lower molar area. Excellent healing and mucosal response expected.

Immediate placement of a single implant following extraction of a lower molar which had a failing root canal treatment.  Implant restored 6 month later and in complete function. A gold chewing component was chosen to reduce the forces of excessive grinding,

Immediate placement of two implants at right and left lower first molar area.  Both had failing root canal treatments.  Immediate implants restored with porcelain crowns.

Detailed three- dimensional computer analysis will be done by Dr. Chehroudi using images from CT-Scan.  This important stage of the implant treatment is necessary to reduce chances of damages to sensitive tissues such as jaw nerves and vessels.

Two implants placed following extraction of a failing mandibular molar.

Two implants placed in an edentulous lower jaw to support an existing loose denture.  Implant supported dentures drastically improves loose and uncomfortable lower dentures.  You will be surprised to know that the cost is significantly lower that conventional dental implant treatment, because it does not require a crown and can function with your own denture.

A single wide-neck implant large enough to function adequately for missing mandibular molars

A bar-type over denture supported with four implants. Specially useful for severely resorbed lower jaw

Restoring anterior teeth with implant can be challenging because of aesthetic concerns.  Zirconium-based porcelain crowns  were used to restore two implants at the aesthetic zone of maxillary arch.

A combination of immediate and delayed placement of dental implants following extraction of a fractured lower molar.  FInal restorations have white gold chewing surface to protect implants from the  excessive grinding forces.

A lower molar and premolar restored with gold supported porcelain crowns to dampen the excessive forces of grinding and clenching.

A dental implant placed at the location of missing maxillary canine 

Two wide diameter implants placed at the location of lower first and second molars