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Dazzling White Teeth in Only One Hour!

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Professional Tooth Whitening in One Hour!

While planning your wedding, don't forget

your teeth. An often-overlooked item when

planning is your smile! At your ceremony and

reception, you will be in close proximity to

friends and guests, and of course, there will

be lots of photographs. A healthy, radiant

smile is a must! Unsightly teeth or gums can

detract from your personal appearance and will

be captured forever on film. Now could also be

the time to have that cosmetic dental work

you've been thinking about finally done before

the wedding. Today professionally monitored

tooth whitening procedures are surprisingly

affordable. Today's whiteners, unlike the harsh

bleaching materials of the past, are easier to use

and leave less sensitivity. Studies have not

shown any permanent damage to the teeth.

Along with a perfect wedding, many brides also want a perfect smile. When making appointments this summer for dress alterations, floral arrangements, and reception details, schedule a dental visit too.  Schedule a thorough check-up and cleaning at least a year before the wedding. If you're unhappy with your smile, your dentist will have enough time to perfect your teeth by the wedding.  Several options exist to correct the shape, color, alignment and look of teeth. New and improved smiles don't happen overnight; timing needs to be considered. Veneers and bleaching can take up to two weeks to two month and braces can take from one to two years.  Have procedures completed at least two months in advance, in case problems need to be corrected, and so the mouth has time to adjust to cosmetic changes. In addition to cosmetic appearance, consider breath. What could be worse than saying ‘I do‘ with dragon breath. Try a piece of sugarless gum, breath mint or chewing a piece of parsley.

Is your smile camera ready?

Take perfect wedding photos is every bride’s desire. The way the head is held changes appearance of front teeth. Teeth are shadowed most of the time by the lips. When you lean your head down, your upper teeth generally appear longer than they really. If your head is tilted back, your upper teeth appear shorter.  Do not request from your dentist upper teeth that are "perfectly straight-across." They can look worn and give an older appearance in photos.  If you have a metal filling or crown, alert the photographer. They can photograph teeth from a different angle that will not reveal them. If not, pictures can often be touched up so that metal does not show.

The Zoom2 System is approved by the American and the Canadian Dental Associations. Light-activated bleaching techniques are the hot cosmetic tool of the new millennium.